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Over 25 years experience and over 6000 structures inspected...

FDRW stands for Foundation, Drainage and Retaining Walls. We inspect foundations, drainage and retaining wall issues and provide recommendations for remediation, improvement or installation. We work with homeowners, Realtors, buyers and sellers, property management companies, attorney and contractors,.

Whether buying or selling – your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. The knowledgeable staff at FDRW, Inc (Foundation, Drainage, and Retaining Walls) is available to answer your questions in an appropriate and professional manner. We appreciate your business and recognize that, as a customer, you are a critical component of our continued success.

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About Bob Brockman

Our inspections are completed by one inspector, Mr. Bob Brockman. Over the last 30 years Mr. Brockman has personally evaluated more than 6,000 structures throughout the entire Bay Area, specializing in foundation, drainage and retaining wall issues. He is the qualifying licensee and has spoken at various home inspection conferences and has extensive experience as an expert witness.

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