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FDRW was established by Mr. Bob Brockman in 2009 after nearly 25 years as the principle of Brockman Engineering Contractors. FDRW does not complete any repair work and prides itself in being an independent evaluation and inspection company. Our evaluations and reports are designed to provide the necessary information to allow our clients the ability to make educated decisions about properties. We provide them with the knowledge to make a decision as to whether a foundation, drainage or retaining wall requires repair and, if so, we offer recommendations for the different foundation repair methodologies, drainage remediation or retaining wall designs that are available and whether they would even be warranted or prudent. We also proved estimated costs for future budgeting and will refer competent contractors that specialize in specific foundation repairs or drainage and retaining wall remediation methods when requested.

About Bob Brockman

Our inspections are completed solely by Mr. Robert Brockman who was trained by Mr. Bob Brockman. Since 2001, Robert has personally evaluated more than 2,500 properties throughout Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Joaquin and Solano counties and throughout the entire Bay Area, specializing in foundation, drainage and retaining wall issues. Robert has extensive experience in the many various foundation repair methodologies as well as drainage and retaining wall remediation and general engineering and building practices.”

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